Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nursery school, here we come!

What an emotional day....it was Everett's first day of nursery school! Nick and I know that it is going to be a great school for our little guy, but I swear it sure is tougher than I thought on us! I left early for school today as I am preparing for my kindergarteners to arrive on Monday. All the way to work, I am thinking of my sweet little one and how much fun he is going to have at school. (Of course, my stomach was in knots and I couldn't focus on the new book I am reading.) Nick got Everett dressed in his preppy little "first day of school" outfit that I laid out the night before, a seersucker shortall with a monogram of course, then they walked down the street to school. Of course it was raining this morning, but Everett was ready for his newest adventure. (Meanwhile, I am at work with the phone in my hand waiting to hear how the drop-off is going).

Everett arrived at school and started playing right away, recognizing some of his new buddies from the transition time last week. All was going well....that is...until daddy LEFT!  Everett was so upset...so naturally, once I found out, I called the school to check on him....as an early childhood teacher (and a mother) I should have known his little meltdown would only last about 2.8 minutes. I was right. The director of the school put me on hold and walked right to his classroom to check on him (I really appreciated that, by the way). When she picked up the phone from his classroom she said he was cruising around pushing the shopping cart. Y'all, he LOVES a darn shopping cart...especially the ones at Target! Just like his mama! I found this so amusing. I also think he has a small crush on the director because she said as soon as she walked in the room he started smiling and waving at her! Oh dear, we better watch out! Needless to say, our little fella was just fine! I resisted calling every hour like I wanted to. Instead, I left work a little early to pick him up. I walked in and he ran over to me, arms wide open with the greatest smile on his face. I got the biggest bear hug ever from him. Then I said, "Everett, give mommy kisses." He looked me right in the eyes and said, "Ok, ok, ok!!" and planted one on me! I love my son so much (and I think he knows it!) Then we packed up his things and prepared for our walk home in the rain! He waved goodbye to his class as we left. I can already tell he loves his school family.

As I was walking home, I thought back to the memories of my first days of school. I remember from elementary school to high school my mom had a tradition of making chocolate chip cookies on the first day EVERY year! Seriously, we never missed a year. She was always home that day or left work early to be at the bus stop waiting so we could make cookies and drink milk. It's such a precious memory so I thought I would start it with my family. Everett and I got home and we poured our milk and started baking chocolate chip cookies. We made a picnic on the floor together and enjoyed every bite....ok, so, I gave him the cookie part without the chocolate since he is so young. I ate the parts he couldn't have! I toasted him with his sippy cup of milk! I said "cheers" and we clanked glasses....he thought that was hilarious! Then I asked him to give me a high-five if he liked school today, so he did!

Poor little thing isn't used to one nap yet, like they have at school. He was so wobbly and tired that he was walking around the house like a tipsy sailor just laughing and playing. So I made his dinner, and he finally pointed to the bathtub...and that folks ended our evening at 6:18pm!!! He is sleeping like an angel, my dear little nursery school angel!

I am a more relaxed mom tonight! Thank you, Nick, for taking the hard job...dropping our little guy off each morning!! I love you both!


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