Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bee in my bonnet...

Seriously, sometimes I wonder where these ideas come from...so, I woke up this morning, nice and early with the sun, thanks to my sweet son, and decided, hey I should paint my bathroom! What?! That's right, I wanted to paint the bathroom in the apartment we rent...but wait, it get's better...I wanted to paint BOTH bathrooms, different colors at that!! All of this happened during one morning nap. Thanks, Everett, for sleeping over two hours! I tell ya, the designer in me NEVER stops. I feel like I always have the desire to update something here or move something there.

Honestly, my best advice, which I learned when I moved from a house to an apartment, is to pack up some of your favorite accessories and use them again at another time! I should take my advice more often. I tried it the other day with a picture frame that I had stored away. Well, what do ya know? I have fallen in love with that thing all over again...it's new location is perfect and it makes me smile every time I walk by it. That may also be because our wedding picture is in it!

Remember, a little project can really change the day! So...save money, shop at home, and don't stop being creative! A little buzzing around never hurt!

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